Our Bitter or Sweeter t-shirt collection is made of travel memories and holiday feelings. Cause we cannot think of the big escape without having in mind at least a cool t-shirt to pack. If multifunctional, even better, so we can wear it also as a summer dress, at the beach.

So, we introduce you our new t-shirt collection and we wish you the happiest holiday ever!

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | The-big-escape

Butterfly Effect is the perfect time travel, a journey through sensations and feelings that overwhelm us each time we revisit the places where we used to be happy.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | T-shirts for holiday

Walking Through Red Fields could take you in the mountains, on peonies meadows, or at the seaside, where the most beautiful poppies fields are growing.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Bitter or Sweeter

Black Ivy is melancholic, like the still vivid memories of the places we traveled in and we felt in love with.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Perfect multifunctional t-shirts

The Fortunate Elephant is a Have a nice holiday mantra, to take with you for good luck, anywhere you go this summer.


Happy Zebra is the perfect outfit for a day in the sun, with cocktails, fancy magazines and sweet delights on the side.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Have a nice holiday mantra

Animal Lovers is for those who travel without their pet, but with the missing symptom in the backpack.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Designer T-shirt

Still Savanah is for that special journey we all live one day, without even planning it.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Designer t-shirt collection

Sleepless Nights is the memory of everything that kept you up all night in those holidays you miss even before they are finished.