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When summer festivals are calling your name, if you’re a fashionista, you know for sure is more than music involved. From Coachella to Electric Castle, fashion took over the playlists.

Summer festivals are the perfect spot for cool trendy people to catch up and take Instagram pictures in fancy outfits. What are you wearing is an important part of the festival culture, as important as music itself. And, as you can see on fashion websites and social media channels, almost nobody goes to concerts dressed entirely functional, in that jeans and t-shirt classic uniform.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Summer Festivals Bags

The Walking Through Red Field Bucket Bag

Summer festivals etiquette

First rule: no extreme high hills, especially no stilettos! Second step: clothes made from natural fibers and fabrics – cotton is welcomed. Third protocol: comfy cuts and an easy to carry big enough bags. Fancy if possible!

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Designer Summer Gorgeous Handbags

The Walking Through Red Field Bucket Bag

Essentials kit to be ready to rock in 2 minutes

The white, classic t shirt. Is always trendy and it feels good on skin, protecting you from sun and heat.

The shirt – tartan or jeans: simple but not boring at all if you find the right accessories.

The white shorts – not a functional choice but you have to compromise sometime and this seems to be the right moment. Because they are this summer sensation, especially if you’re already tanned.

The boots – mandatory leather because you’ll have to spend a lot of time wearing them and you really need a pleasant environment for your feet. Not to mention the rain situation, which is not necessary pleasant if you’re not prepared.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Designer Gorgeous Handbags

The Walking Through Red Field Bucket Bag

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Designer Summer Festival Bags

Our Walking Through Red Field Bucket Bag is the perfect rocknrolla accessory.

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