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Paintings on Hand - Bracelets Collection!


This collection is a spiritual adventure, a journey through different cultures.
It's made with today's style in mind.
Extra-soft Italian high quality leather on both sides, for a perfect look and feeling.
All items are handcrafted by skilled manufacturers who finish them by hand, featuring details and hand-painted edges.
Lined in black extra-soft leather, the back has a smooth finish, engraved logo and message, along with artist Anca Stefanescu signature and limited edition number.

Inside you can find an engraved message:
It is the Audrey Hepburn statement!
Even if the message was a controversial subject when the top with the Audrey Hepburn quote appeared on the garment aimed at girls aged from three to 16 years, and the use of the slogan prompted protest on social media, with some arguing that it is a negative message and equates happiness directly with attractiveness, for me this message represent an invitation to work with all the negative thoughts and be positive in order to attract happiness!
I believe happy people live in a happy world!
I believe that good emotions like creativity, kindness, love, receptivity make us look beautiful.
I believe that beauty is not defined by the physiognomy but the values we carry inside with can transform every face into a gorgeous one.

I believe that beauty is not defined by the physiognomy but the values we carry inside with can transform every face into a gorgeous one.

Wear it all the time, it's not made just for memorable days.
It's created to help you to transform every regular day into am memorable one


The Marrakesh - Leather Bracelet
Step into a journey full of adventures. Sleep in the desert one night and then drink your spicy coffee on the terrace. Wear this bracelet with love & dare to travel the world

colours-of-my-life-blog-leather-cuff-accessories-printed-leather-bracelets-3 colours-of-my-life-blog-leather-cuff-accessories-printed-leather-bracelets-4

India - Leather Bracelet
This is my "forever young" bracelet. Watch "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" and imagine yourself in 50 years from now. Wear this bracelet with love & dare to live in colors.

colours-of-my-life-blog-leather-cuff-accessories-printed-leather-bracelets-5 colours-of-my-life-blog-leather-cuff-accessories-printed-leather-bracelets-6

On the terrace in Istanbul - Leather Bracelet A morning on a terrace in Istanbul smells like flowers and morning dew and coffee. Ad a slice of baklava and your day will be perfect. Wear this bracelet with love & travel the world.


The Black Sea - Leather Bracelet This is how I see The Black Sea. A rainbow and then come the short nights, followed by the lazy mornings.
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