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Our 30 seconds make over gives to your office suit a brand new fashionable life. All you need is an out of order deux pieces, a surprising designer bag and something else instead of your regular shoes.

We like it or not, these days a really active woman is living two parallel lives. On one side is the office, on the other is the rest of the world: family, friends, events, coffees, movies, romantic dates and style updates. If a day would have been 48 hours, we would finally have had enough time for everything and anyone. But since we must survive a 24 hours insane social roller coaster, we need to buy a little more time for us. That’s instant make overs are for.

Deux-pieces, white suit, Luxury bag

The dynamic handbagWalk the blue fields.

Change the game!

So, one summer day, we tried something different. We put a white office suit instead of the perpetual black one, a pair of sandals and a designer bag. And, on the side, we packed a pair of Hunter slides, the last thing someone will pair with an elegant outfit. The first part of the day was nothing but routine. Same old office issues, less one: the boring day by day uniform. This small diversion was enough to change the mood though. The evening instead, was gorgeous. We took off the sandals and, 30 seconds later, wearing the comfy sliders we were going out, to conquer the city. The bag was always in place, like a style signature making the hardest work.



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