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When hot summer days kill your energy and let you nothing reasonable to wear in the city, the old, classy kimono could be a real deal.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Kimono- colours-of-my-life-belt-small-bag

Midnight Blossom is part of My mama bag line

Maybe the kimono is not the easiest fashion item to wear, maybe is not even the most functional one, but is the best choice to face the city heat. The silk is so soft and the shape is so loose, that you’ll barely feel its touch. Not to mention the extravaganza flavor you are spreading when wearing a well accessorized kimono.

Accessories that make your kimono a super star: belts & small bags

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Kimono-flip-flops-colours-of-my-life-belt-my-mama-bag

The Inside This Iris is part of I look Pretty Belt Collection

Early in the morning: let’s pretend is 7 o’clock in the morning and you are rushing to start a new busy Saturday in the city. You don’t have enough time to put together a cool outfit to suit all your activities along the day. But you have a kimono. Wear it without the fear that you will look overdressed at the market. It’s enough to pair it with casual flip-flops and the fancy effect will fade down. We recommend you a wide belt to fix it on your waist. Our COLOURS OF MY LIFE Free Decorative item it will be perfect along with our Midnight Blossom small bag.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Kimono-wedges-colours-of-my-life-belt-pouch

Black Ivy Leather Pouch & Black Ivy Leather Belt

Late in the night: 12 hours later, the master kimono still rocks on! This time it could be your special outfit for a concert or for a dinner. All you have to do is changing the accessories: wedges for a more glamourous effect, a less colorful belt for some sober attitude – our Black Ivy seems to be exactly what you are looking for, and a pouch. If you are looking for a total effect, our COLOURS OF MY LIFE Black Ivy pouch will be an incredible mix and match.

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