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If you are looking for solutions to prepare your wardrobe for this summer concerts, we propose you a festival outfit inspired by the legendary Woodstock.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Festival outfit in Woodstock memory

The Emperor is part of Dynamic Bag line

You need some ethno looking items. Which means they may remember the ethno clothes without actually being ethno. We are not talking about vintage or genuinely traditional fashion pieces, but modern ones, inspired by the old cultures. Like an embroidered top or a tribal skirt. Boots are the best option but if you don’t feel comfortable wearing them in the hot summer days, leather stripes sandals could be an equally stylish choice. Earthly tone – nudes, browns, greens –, leather and silk or cotton suit better a festival outfit inspired by Woodstock than any other textures. Actually you will feel on your skin the blessing of those natural textiles. Say No No No! to polyester items, not necessary from fashionable reasons but more because your body needs something friendly in exchange of a very good mood for you.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Festival outfit colours of my life bracelets

The Emperor Handbag

Details for a complete festival outfit

The success of an outfit is in details. Like many colorful bracelets. Our COLOURS OF MY LIFE bracelets collection is huge, rich in graphics and sizes so you can make any combination you’d like. Some vivid ribbons in your hair are easier to wear than other accessories around your head, like earrings or necklaces. And the effect is even stronger! As for the bag, we recommend you an easy to carry one, big enough to take with you a lot of things. Our COLOURS OF MY LIFE The Emperor Dynamic Tube could be that special detail you will be noticed for.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Festival outfit colours of my life leather accesories

Happy Girls Bracelets Collection

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