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You could say, with all the technology taking control over our lives, that the era of fashionable notebooks became already history.

But we still love an old school note, written by hand, on a blank page, between a childish sketch smudged during a boring meeting and a much more responsible grown up business idea. That’s why we think our notebook collection is the perfect spot to choose a stylish present. For anyone who still wants more than a digitalized agenda or even for… yourself.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Fashionable-notebooks

The MEMORIES & DREAMS Notebooks Collection

Fashionable notebooks for fashionable people

And since the notebook remained such a dear object of desire for us, COLOURS OF MY LIFE notebook covers collection was designed to last more than a year. You can change the notebook every year but you can keep the cover. Made from precious Italian leather and featuring colorful graphics signed by the artist Anca Stefanescu, the covers have their own inspiring stories. They come with a Moleskine notebook enclosed and you can use them for a very longtime, until the next chapter of your life or even more.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Moleskine-notebook-cover

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Smart-Christmas-Gifts

The MEMORIES & DREAMS Notebooks Collection

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