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It is late spring with a touch of summer. Everything is in bloom, except your working mood. This is the moment when your classic office look needs an intervention. Just to be sure that you have at least one good reason to face the job until the big escape.

Our advice for those days when the sun is up and you just don’t feel like working is simple: be a little bit playful with your wardrobe. It helps! We know the office outfit is driving you crazy. Is ruining your lazy mornings, hurting your feet, suffocating your fashion zen. Especially in the hot season. Even more when you are craving all those trendy items your best friends are wearing without any dressing up policy concern. You’re feeling like losing the summer in your everyday job uniform. And it is not at all a surprise to end up by hating your white shirt, despite its tremendous design variations. But it is quite easy to escape the pattern if you follow some fashion tips. Just think functional, not obviously sexy and… light.

Fashion tips to trick your office look this summer

Our Wild Horses Dynamic Tube Bag is a game changer. Use it to give a new life to your office look. It doesn’t matters if you’ll wear it with your classic deux pieces or in a more casual yet classy outfit.

Smart fashion tips for a smarter summer

Try something new. If not a new item, at least a new combination. Put your old shirt in a fresh puzzle, even if this is only a casual Friday pampering possibility. Choose some new designs, not too stiff, as your pencil skirt, but more than decent to keep up with the office code. Look for light colors, delicate textures, sweet prints. Try a different bag instead of your proper tote even if the laptop is not fitting in, and look at the bright side. You’ll have one more reason to let it on your desk at the end of the day.

Tips to trick your office look this summer

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