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For many of us, the 70s look is more than just a trend. It’s a kind of a nostalgic time travel by our parents happy make love not war days. We never lived those times, but we heard a lot about it and we let us inspired by so many fashion pictures coming from then.
So, it is not a surprise that even the youngest of us, the millennials, felt in love with the Studio 54 spirit and a lot of fashion items making history in the decade. Let’s count just some - the jumpsuit, the feather earrings, the wooden heels and, of course, the small cute bag - and we can feel already the vibe of this summer.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Millennials, Luxury bags, leather bags

Around Black Ivy Bag is part of My Mama Bag line.You can use it to bring to life a grey or black outfit, or to color your white summer look.

70s look in 2016

Speaking of rewriting history, we have in mind our dear My Mama Bag. We took an original 70s bag, we let ourselves inspired by the clean design of this small, elegant accessory, we adapted the form to our present needs and, finally, we covered it in joyful prints. The result is a beautiful small bags line, easy to wear all day long, in various outfits. So if you embraced the 70s look, you’ll find it just perfect. It looks like a piece of jewelry, that’s why we adore it.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | 70s-look-millennials-fashion

Our Red is Everywhere Bag could be that special detail any clean outfit needs for being noticed.

The Mama Bag story

As usual in fashion industry, the revival of a decade comes with a lot of adjustments and fresh interpretations. The important thing is to keep an eye on the present if you choose to embrace the trend. To select only the items your body is flattered by. To opt for vivid yet modern colors. To be careful with the quality of the clothes and accessories you buy. Looking so 70s is nice, but looking like in the 70s is not at all a fashionista’s dream.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | 70s-look-millennials-fashion

Written by Radiana Bratu

Photograph by Cristian Stefanescu

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