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If you are a white lover, we know you are in trouble! Especially when you’re felling bored of your white snow so delicate look.

It happens. Even when you have a great personal style, it’s completely natural to want something different from time to time. Something new, something… you cannot put your finger on because of your obsession with immaculate clothes. You just cannot think color; plain, edgy color. You’d like it, but something stops your imagination long before the planned shopping spree. And when this moment comes, we’re almost sure you’re ending up in all black outfits. Probably because your wardrobe is head over hills with whites, nudes and blacks. Plus some grey items at most.

That’s what we call a true minimalist girl. And we really love your commitment to simple tones and cuts. It is a gift to be always noticed despite using so little special effects as powerful colors and mixed prints. But the problem remains and it’s frustrating not having a solution at hand. How did you ended up here? First of all, there are your fears of misfortunate colorful appearances. Understandable, by the way, considering your long history with no color at all. Secondly, is the obsession itself: every time you go shopping for a colorful something, you come home with another white one. You must be dishearten. But don’t worry, this thing exactly happens to lovers of black.

colorful-bags-white-outfit, luxury Printed leather mama bag
The Mama Bag is a small piece of fashion inspired by the cool & edgy 70s. For a total effect, wear it with your boho chic clothes.
Colorful bags helps. A lot!
When you find yourself in this kind of fashion distress, think positive, think smart. Think accessories! Think shoes and especially colorful bags. Good quality is important cause white is pretentious, is the perfect canvas for even the smallest sloppiness. So, pay attention to details – from leather quality to print execution. And choose wisely interesting designs, geometrical cuts, designer prints (remember your fear of the mismatching colors; only an artist has the perfect eye for this kind of hard job). Invest in special eye catching items, from biggest to smallest forms and designs. Colorful bags with a twist will last more than a summer. And they really are the perfect touch to your immaculate look, when it comes to a significant change that changes almost nothing at all in your fashion routine. 

Luxury geometric colours of my life bucket bag, Luxury Printed leather bag

The Bucket Bag fits perfectly any king of silhouette and especially the minimalistic looks. Casual, smart casual or sporty, white outfits will be more eye catching without losing their own personality.


Luxury-geometric-colours-of-my-life-dynemic-bag, Luxury Printed leather nahdbag

The Dynamic Tube Bag is so extravagant yet practical that you can wear it everywhere: at the office, in your spear time, in holyday or at a date.
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