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If you’re facing melancholia, do a quick color therapy. It comes with your favourite healing the blue remedy, the shopping cure.

Seriously speaking, the color therapy is a real one, dating back in ancient Egypt, China and India. Everybody has already heard about the energy of colors. But don’t worry, we will not give you a speech about it, even if we are thinking it’s a true story. We’re just inviting you to play with our printed bags’ colors in your everyday life, despite a rainy morning or a moody moment (of yours).

Good vibe colors and prints

When you’re down and all black seems to be the only appropriate outfit for the crappy day you are facing, try some red on your bag! Black and red is an all time classic couple, never out of fashion and never boring.


Our A Possible Magic Tote Bag is big enough to carry all your job chores: the laptop, the notebook, the files. But most important, in your way to the office, it makes you look and feel like none of them are real.

For heavy sky days we think orange and yellow will be your happy mind state’s best friends. They look amazing in the grey light, transforming a cozy, effortless outfit in a statement.


Our Not Just One Flower Mama Bag is easy like  Sunday morning. It doesn’t matter how low the pressure is, you feel none on your shoulders when you wear it.

If never ending rainy days put you in a sad mood, get out of bed and take the rainbow bag with you for a coffee. It’s fun and you never know who’s gonna smile at your good vibe.


Our Hidden Rainbow Horizontal Tube Bag is so cute that makes everything work. The mood, the conversation, the vibes.

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