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Limited Edition Series


Everything you need to know about COLOURS OF MY LIFE limited editions fashion artworks
Producing a limited edition artwork places certain obligations, the most important of which are control of the production and monitoring the edition.
The process of producing a limited edition requires particular advance thought about the size of the edition and certain knowledge about the printmaking process.
Limited editions can be found in our collections as many as 10 or maximum 100. As it is assumed the lower the number in the edition, the more valuable and collectible the limited editions are likely to be.
Limited Editions should be distinguished from the original; they are carefully produced directly from the original work and printed under the artist's supervision.
A limited edition is normally hand signed and numbered by the artist e.g. 5/100. On our items you will find an inside label signed by the artist Anca Stefanescu. It contains the product number and the edition number to make them more exclusive and collectible.


Some of the images are conceived and created entirely on a computer and exist only as digital files until they're printed out. Others are original paintings scanned at high resolution and printed on leather.
The whole process is handmade and we are committed to ensuring that our products are safe for consumer's use and manufactured under safe, fair, and humane working conditions.
Led by inspiring CEO Cristian Stefanescu and artist and designer Anca Stefanescu, COLOURS OF MY LIFE encapsulates an intelligent sense of design with timeless and luxurious pieces.
Our limited edition collections are modern and laid back with an attention to detail and quality.

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