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This is, definitely, the sporty girl’s summer. Slim cuts, short lengths, big bags and very well worked out bodies go with the healthy lifestyle trend’s flow.

From 20s to 60s and even more in some fortunate cases, age is just a number in terms of style and lifestyle. You’ll know a sporty girl from her exercise routine and also from her wardrobe’s highlights. The trainers, the bodycon dress, the leggings, the impressive top and t-shirt collection come with beautiful arms, crazy abs and a happy state of mind. Of course, there are some age particularities regarding the activewear items, but over all the vibe is the same. On the street, a sporty girl’ style is creative, functional, trendy and always in need for some interesting details.


Big bags, retro shoes and good moods

As most of the activewear is clear and simple, the personal touch become entirely your choice. Ether you prefer items with a sporty line or gym clothes, let the accessories do the twist. We love to wear retro sandals instead of trainers and luxury designer big bags instead of backpacks. For our chic city escapes, but also when we are going to gym.




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