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It happens a lot to get bored of our old purse. When time has come, we use to replace it with some new one, more or less the same shape, color and size. And sooner or later, mostly sooner, we end up by heaving the same bag in too many variations to be happy. This season, the crossbody bags are saving us from this fashion dead end.

Sometimes is hard to decide what kind of bag is the perfect one to carry with you all day long. The most difficult is to choose THE bag for the office outfit, one that looks nice and elegant but also friendly, without the classic design that makes you feel cold and inaccessible. The best choice this season is the crossbody bag that is, in fact, a shoulder bag with an adjustable belt witch can be worn cross body. Fashion is fun and amazing, isn’t it?

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Cross-body-bags-leather-fall-2016-colours-of-my-life

The COLOURS OF MY LIFE Dynamic Bag Let Your Wild Side Out.

Crossbody bags for every stylish office outfit

Either you are a sophisticated business exec or a funny creative agency girl, your cross-body bag will send only good vibes in the office. It will tell everybody how up to date are you in terms of fashion trends but also how open minded are you as a person.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Cross-body-bags-leather-colours-of-my-life

The COLOURS OF MY LIFE Dynamic Bag Happy Go Lucky.

How to choose a crossbody bag

Of course, you must choose wisely the bag that will cross your fancy suit, dress or the most loveable shirts in your wardrobe. The good quality leather is a must, and also an inspired design, out of the ordinary rectangle you use to wear in the office. Pay attention to the long, adjustable belt, it has to be comfortable because we're sure your bag, like every other bag in the world, is not easy at all.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Cross-body-bags-leather-limited-edition-colours-of-my-life

The COLOURS OF MY LIFE Dynamic Bag With Flying Colours.

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