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The last days of summer are here and our wardrobe is feeling like crazy trying to adapt. We cannot give up yet on our summerish outfits, so we compromise. The old denim jacket is back in the game and our maxi bag is right on our shoulder, ready to help us every time we need a large place to hide some unpleasant accessories: the umbrella, a hat or the unbearable raincoat.

Maxi bag, maxi comfort

It is really scary, especially for men, what a woman can bring to life from her loveable maxi bag. But is really helpful to have at your hand all those things some are labeling as useless. When the seasons are changing and the sunny days are not so sunny anymore, nothing can compete with the super power of a maxi bag.
What you have to know about this magic bag is simple: never ruin its shape! Actually is pretty easy to do this when you choose the wrong one. If you know that your favorite hobby is to squeeze a lot of things in your purse, go for a rigid one, never for canvas or any other textile texture. Leather is the best choice and one more tip: avoid the zipper because it will have a very short life under the circumstances.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Maxi-bag-last-days-of-summer-colours-of my-life

Our Colours of My Life Walking Through Red Fields Bucket Bag is an eye catching maxi bag waiting for your fall fashion kit!

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Maxi-bag-bucket-bag-colours-of-my-life

Walking Through Red Fields Bucket Bag

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Maxi-bag-bucket-bag-colours-of-my-life

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Maxi-bag-for-last-days-of-summer

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