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Every year, the hot summer days are followed by even hotter nights. We’re sure you need some inspiration to face the fanciest parties in the city. So, we recommend you 3 bags to impress every fashion guru that may happened to be around.

As a rule, small is the key word in terms of style when it comes to party bags etiquette. Very small it will be great, but unfortunately we are used to carry a lot of absolutely necessary items. The smartphone is a must for selfies, Facebook statuses and, of course, small talk topics. The lipstick is out of discussion, you cannot leave home for a party without this special friend on your side. The wallet could be excused from white nights but still, you need a safe space for some money or at least a credit card. In other words, even without counting the keys, an extra small bag is, certainly, overwhelmed. So you will definitely need a smarter bag, small enough to fit the occasion and, of course, very chic.

Tips for bags to impress

Choose one with a long strap. You can wear it on your shoulder or cross your body. You’ll see the benefits especially if you love to dance. Or when you’ll eat standing, crowded by swarming people.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Bags to impress little black

Our Little Black My Mama Bag is a timeless item, featuring a beautiful shape, inspired by the restless 70’s.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Bags to impress little black

If you are more into fashion than into comfort, choose a pouch, but pay attention to texture. Good quality leather is mandatory - it will look elegant even under the siege of all those small but absolutely necessary things we already talked about. Preserving shape despite your excess tendency is the hardest test for a party bag.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Bags to impress eye of the tiger red

COLOURS OF MY LIFE The Eye of The Tiger Red is a beauty of a timeless pouch. Eccentric enough to catch any fashionista’s eye, this small bag is perfect for any kind of party, from garden to black tie ones.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Bags to impress eye of the tiger red

The The Eye of The Tiger Redis part of Forever Young Pouch line.

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