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We all have role models and styling icons. But if you’re asking how to be yourself when you are playing your favorite character, the best answer comes from the smallest details of the outfit. For instance, the pouch or the sunglasses.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | how-to-be-yourself

The Hidden Rainbow is part of Forever Young Pouch line

Let’s say you really like the wonderful vibe of the 60s. We are truly in love with the decade so we can completely understand the mirage. There were beautiful times for fashion and women, despite all disagreements regarding freedom and rights. So it is not unexpected that today fashionistas go back in time to look for inspiration.

The most important thing is to adapt the outfit your icon used to wear in the 60’s to our times. By choosing contemporary accessories, by mixing the old items with new and fresh ones. Have in mind that the purpose is to revisit an era, to feel its vibe, to enjoy a beautiful shape or pattern, not to look old fashioned.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | How-to-be-yourself-pouch

The Hidden Rainbow Forever Young Pouch

The happy pouch

A classical 60’s plaid dress could be a star in this summer wardrobe. All you have to do is to wear it out of the box. Don’t be afraid to mix different patterns and vivid colors in your outfit. Our Hidden Rainbow Pouch is exactly the kind of detail that you could be tempted to reject because of the crowded print. But, as you can see, it looks great and is perfect way to add something different to your look. And because yellow is such a happy color, we couldn’t resist those XXL retro sunglasses. So, enjoy and explore! This is how to be yourself after all.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | how-to-be-yourself

The Hidden Rainbow Forever Young Pouch

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