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We met in 2014. We fall in love. And we stayed in love. We took life from the beginning leaving behind all we once treasured and loved. We wiped out the past and smiled for the present.

We found balance in each other’s arms. We discovered that in love there are no conflicts but only harmony.

We’ve met. And we embraced the belief that in this Universe there are no coincidences. Only God is reveling discreet His presence.

We rejected all the sorrow and the sadness as if they never existed. We closed the door to the past and we let the one to the future unopened yet. Life is too short to forget to laugh. It is too short to be frightened about the unrevealed future.

Life is present. Life is now. Is what we meet, what we feel, see, embrace and what we love. Is being tender and kind and forgiving.

We met. And we decided to follow our passions. To make things that bring pleasure and happiness. We started to colour everything around us with joy, happiness and smiles. As if the whole world is ours to be painted in colours.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Anca Stefanescu, Cristian Stefanescu


COLOURS OF MY LIFE is the vision of the artists Anca and Cristian Stefanescu, a Romanian couple with a love story as colourful as their ‘wearable art’ project. Drawn together by a common interest in concepts and ideas as exploration of emotion, a love of creating art as ‘solidified feelings on objects’ as well and an utmost respect for one another’s work, they created the brand Colours Of My Life – COML .Dubbing the encounter as love at first sight, the duo collaborated on each collection offering limited-edition or unique artwear items, hand-made pieces of bags and accessories for women.

COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Anca Stefanescu, Cristian Stefanescu


My life is represented by bright colours – like red, blues and yellow – but sometimes it turns bleak, in greys and blacks. Before long it's a kaleidoscope of vivid colours again.

The colours of my life are the stories that make up my life, starting with my grandparents who brought me up.

The stories of my life are my parents and my brother. The stories of my life are all my lovers and my friends.

And the colours of my life are my husband and my children and my dogs. The colours of my life are all the things that I have lived and done, all the stories and new beginnings that brought me here.

I believe in art as a performance. I believe in the art that gets to people in different forms. My drawings are inspired by my life: I put my art on bags, belts, bracelets, shirts and small gifts that can surprise people and colour somebody else’s life.

I believe in the uniqueness of each of my objects and only make them in limited editions.

I believe in hand-made objects because they have better energy. To create something unique takes time. It takes time for my colours to find their glow. All the prints are handmade; they are my artworks that have found a way into your life.

 COLOURS OF MY LIFE | Anca Stefanescu


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